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The session with the couple at a wedding or the photographer’s plans without plans

WITHOUT UNEXPECTED BUT… by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  Scheduling. Usually a photographic session, in the various professional areas, have, before, a preparation that, once the session begin, the photographer only have to follow the scheduling done before. It is like that in fashion, pub and, even, sport photography.  But, today, wedding photography is very similar with… Read more »

Photographer always around the portrait at the bride and groom session, in the wedding

THE PORTRAITIST by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  Following the theme of the last post, more portrait. But now, more melted with the surroundings. Taking advantage with what my lens do with the background, or with the foreground when is there, and show a more integrated reading of the portrait. I like very much this way to… Read more »

Variations around a portrait in a wedding by the photographer.

AROUND THE SUBJECT by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  Variations. We can find that in music very often and they are a challenge to a composer around a theme and find all the countless possibilities. The painters, also, like to do that and they paint and repaint the same subject, changing the colors and tones, the shapes,… Read more »