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In dance with the photographer, at a wedding

RYTHM by the LISBON WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Wedding photographers and wedding parties are something that were made for each other. There is part of the wedding day that can be very different from wedding to wedding. Despiste all these years photographing weddings, I can not understand the reason about all this difference. If, by statistic, we can… Read more »

The photographer’s desire to return to the wedding

ALREADY DONE  by the PORTUGAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Why wedding photographers are always eager to start over. I come back to the subject, again. Why I never tired myself to go photographing situations that are repeated over and over, again. The groom is waiting for me to start his metamorphosing path that will take him to… Read more »

The photographer attentive to what children do at weddings

INEVITABLE by the LISBON WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER I think the wedding photographers must have some principles that give them the notion for what they can photograph, or not. I have, as a principle, to use the less possible the photos, I have done, with children, here in the blog. But, as everything in life, sometimes, some… Read more »

The photographer and the happiness corridor, at a wedding

IT’S OVER, WE’RE ALREADY MARRIED by the LISBON WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER After sitting there, answering some of the questions of the State representative, and if he, or she, are a person inspired for speech, advices and good wishes, as the wedding photographer like and have more time to photograph, followed with that yes with more or… Read more »

The photographer on an adventure for the wedding ceremony

ADVENTURES by the LISBON WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER The wedding photographers are not living the best days of the profession but, the same way they deliver themselves to photograph, I am sure they are preparing a great coming back. When, in a coming day, this post is activated in my Blog, I hope this costly and turbulent… Read more »

The photographer and the surrounds of the session before the wedding

A WALK BETWEEN RUINS by the PORTUGAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Often, when I combine, with a couple, the session before the wedding, usually called elopement session, I think about all the places but those near my house. It seems that popular saying that says in the blacksmith’s house, a wooden skewer. Really, I confess that I… Read more »

The photographer, the bride and the car on their way to the wedding

NEVER GET TIRED by the PORTUGAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Are the wedding photographers thankful by the fact that is on the weddings they earn theirs life needs? I feel so. That is why I can not help myself but bring some more photos from the brides going in the car to depart for the wedding ceremony,… Read more »

The photographer after the yes, rice and flowers at the wedding

NOW, IT IS DONE by the PORTUGAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER There is a moment where, the wedding photographer feel, that the state of the spirit of the wedding couple change,  when seated in the front of the altar of a Church, with priest as the only person at their visual space. Behind them, we have, always,… Read more »