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The photographer with the emotions as gestures, at weddings

ONCE MORE, THE GESTURES by the LISBON WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Yes, again. Because they deserve it. Because they are main characters of the moments that wedding photographers love so much and propel them to those starts, as if they were Olympic athletes, when, in the other side of the room, they detect one of those. Because… Read more »

The photographer and those gestures on a wedding day

LISBON WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS and FINDING GESTURES In the wedding day, the photographer find small gestures that attract his cameras and lens before even when takes notice. One of most beautiful is the one where the little flower bouquet is, carefully, placed in the small pocket of the groom coat. It belongs to the groom the… Read more »

In sequence for the photographer, in a wedding at Quinta do Castro

THE JEALOUS by the LISBON WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER The wedding photographers can testify that friends have those things, they are unable to be apart each other and are very jealous when they find, some of them, being treated specially in some happening, with a great amount of joy. Some times they are is the cause of… Read more »

The photographer’s view on a wedding day in Algarve

THE GREAT DOUBT by the ALGARVE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER I have a a great doubt living with me since I photograph weddings, the most powerful experience I had photographing people in groups. Before that, my experience with camera, photos and lens was with unanimated things, without animus, but with a lot of personality because they needed… Read more »

Guests like photography, on a wedding day in Algarve

THEY ARE ALWAYS THERE by the ALGARVE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Not always the wedding photographers choose the couple as their main subject to photograph. Well, it is because of them that they are there, in the wedding, they contract them, but it was the couple that invited, also, all that people doing those things that appeal… Read more »