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Gestures and photographers at weddings

THE IMPORTANCE OF THE GESTURE  by the PORTUGAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER As a wedding photographer I find, frequently, those attractions that, always, made me go to gather photographies, that happens in the front of me, and one of the most wanted subjects by any photographers, of the wedding or not. I talk about the gestures. Countless… Read more »

The photographer, the couple and those who wrap them, on their wedding

SURROUNDED by the PORTUGAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Well, it is a statement the wedding photographers knows and that should not need to be noticed but, in the wedding day, the wedding couple is never alone. With them, around them, waiting for them or talking about them, the guests assure them that, even when they go away… Read more »

The photographer, the babbler and the bride at a wedding

GIVING ATTENTION by the PORTUGAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER The wedding photographers when they go on the the cover of the wedding day, to fill with photos, their main subject is the groom and the bride who, over the long day, will fill different spaces and, in each, they perform, almost, a different status. They are the… Read more »

The photographer and the photos that will meet him, at the wedding

THE OFFERS by the LISBON WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Are the wedding photographers those that make the photos? Well, I never get tired saying that I am not the one that take the photographs. They are, graciously, offered to me. Countless the times when, to the wedding photographer, they does not stop to fall in his eyes… Read more »

The photographer after the yes, rice and flowers at the wedding

NOW, IT IS DONE by the PORTUGAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER There is a moment where, the wedding photographer feel, that the state of the spirit of the wedding couple change,  when seated in the front of the altar of a Church, with priest as the only person at their visual space. Behind them, we have, always,… Read more »

When the photographer can not be for wedding, in a ceremony

SEARCHING FOR by the PORTUGAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER In some churches it is not easy, for the wedding photographers, to find the best points of view for a better solution and good photographs. The way how the space was built, making it almost impossible good frameworks, by the size, be it by the grandiosity or the… Read more »

The photographer, the lenses and all things at the wedding

FROM FAR AND NEAR by the LISBON WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER I remember, far way of thinking to be wedding photographer, the time when I started to be interested in photography, so many years ago. At first it was not so much photographic attachment, it was only, as it happens with the majority of the persons that… Read more »

The photographer with the artists, at the wedding show

THE ARTISTS by the PORTUGAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Maybe, one thing that attract the wedding photographers is the feel that the wedding day is very similar with a spectacle. In some sort, we can find on the wedding the artists, the stage directors, the public and the technicians that are part of every show. Of course… Read more »