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The photographer with the artists, at the wedding show

THE ARTISTS by the PORTUGAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Maybe, one thing that attract the wedding photographers is the feel that the wedding day is very similar with a spectacle. In some sort, we can find on the wedding the artists, the stage directors, the public and the technicians that are part of every show. Of course… Read more »

The photographer, form and content at the wedding

FANTASIES by the LISBON WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER I must say that one of the pleasures I have, as wedding photographer, when shooting allow me to change, with the use of my lens, the visual sensation from what I am capturing but, at the same time, does not alter the truth of what is happening. My training,… Read more »

The photographer, smiles and happiness at a wedding

NOW, IT IS by the LISBON WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER There is nothing better, for the wedding photographer, like seeing those smiles after the yes approved by the priest. It is the time for his right eye never left the viewfinder of his camera, in any circumstances, because he can not loose any photo that happens in… Read more »

The photographer before departure, for the wedding ceremony

ALMOST THERE by the PORTUGAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER The wedding photographers watch those moments of it is time to go now, just wait a little bit, the car is already there, just one more photo, let me retouch the lips. It seems that this final moments have a glue that do not let go, and with… Read more »

At the entrance to the wedding in the Church, by the photographer

Also the wedding photographers take advantage of the half a dozen photographic clichés that exist since photography was born. The sunset with palm trees, a group of leafless trees with sun over them, the old wall with a wooden gate already eaten by time, the blue cracked enamel plate with the door number, etc. One… Read more »