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The photographer in the whirlwind of the wedding party

THIS IS PARTY by the PORTUGAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER While the wedding photographer, the groom and the bride were entertained to compose some photos, that will allow them remember for a long time, and as if continuing the end of the last post, we enter, again, in the party that never stoped to be. If you… Read more »

The photographer, the groom and the bride at the wedding day session

LET’S GO FOR A RIDE? by the PORTUGAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER They are countless the amount of posts, here in the blog, about the photographic session with the wedding couple at a scheduled hour, that this wedding photographer believe is the best to do it.  Even if, very rarely, the written words rarely get sucked in… Read more »

The photographer and the little ones at a wedding

ALL OVER AGAIN by the PORTUGAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER It is impossible for the wedding photographers wandering in that day where they were chose to cover this very important moments to everybody, the bride and groom, the families and all the friends present, without stumbling, all the time, his eyes in kids who, in one way… Read more »

Changes until the wedding party, by the photographer

BUT…WHAT IS HAPPENING by the PORTUGAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Sometimes, the wedding photographers does not know some of the changes and loose the timeline to follow. This can happens because it is something that the bride and groom does not know, because someone was in charge to update me and simply forgot it or because it… Read more »

Bride and groom with the photographer in the wedding day

HERE THEY ARE by the PORTUGAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  Despiste the couple, before the yes and after it, be the main subject of the photos I will made over the day, I can find a substantial other subjects offered by the guests that, here and there, the wedding photographer can loose the attention over the couple,… Read more »

The photographer in the whirlwind of a wedding party

IT IS PARTY TIME by the PORTUGAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  How much I like the mess. As wedding photographer, one of the challenges I like the most is to pick up harmony, balance and a good composition in the middle of the caos, the imponderable and …the mess. It is like if an unorganized organization revealed … Read more »

Moving to a wedding in Fátima

A WEDDING NEAR THE BEGIN OF SUMMER I, already, wrote here about the rush of the wedding photographers between the locations where they need to go. But with Vanessa in Abóboda, with a rainy day, and Ricardo in Atouguia, near Fátima, the things made me remember Speedy Gonzalez cartoons. Starting the day, in the morning,… Read more »