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In sequence for the photographer, in a wedding at Quinta do Castro

THE JEALOUS by the LISBON WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER The wedding photographers can testify that friends have those things, they are unable to be apart each other and are very jealous when they find, some of them, being treated specially in some happening, with a great amount of joy. Some times they are is the cause of… Read more »

Photographer between the lights at the end of the wedding party

FIRE LIGHT by the PORTUGAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER   During the years as wedding photographer, some fashions have gone and others coming, giving color, movement or, also, different forms of the people having fun. In the last years some lights, that come from fire in top of some sticks in the corridors with hoorays to the… Read more »

The photographer dressing photos, in a wedding

TAILORING PHOTOS by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  Taking advantage of all things that surrounding the characters in a wedding day is an essencial tool for the wedding photographers. When we leave, only with our cameras and lens, to an event cover that happen in several spaces and each one is a different chapter of the story… Read more »