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The photographer’s imagination at the wedding session

LET’S GO by the SINTRA WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Not always, in the place where the wedding party takes place, I can find good solutions to photograph the session, with the couple in the wedding day. I learned, with my time as wedding photographer, that I need the right hour and a friendly place so that people,… Read more »

The photographer and those who taught him, for weddings

THE MASTERS by the PORTUGAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER When we are in the profession we love, we try to do everything to achieve the very best as we can, to ourselves and to our clients that believed in us. Having a profession means to deliver, for those who contracted us, only the last best we were… Read more »

The photographer, the groom and the bride at the wedding day session

LET’S GO FOR A RIDE? by the PORTUGAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER They are countless the amount of posts, here in the blog, about the photographic session with the wedding couple at a scheduled hour, that this wedding photographer believe is the best to do it.  Even if, very rarely, the written words rarely get sucked in… Read more »

Photographer draining away through the streets of Lisbon, after the wedding

LIKE WATER by the LISBON WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  Walking around it. It, is the always beautiful and photographable downtown of Lisbon. So much is incredible in photos studied before, how usually do it the fashion productions, or by those that walk in the streets with attentive eyes and photographer patience waiting for a fulfilled space inside… Read more »

The photographer after the wedding party

ONE MORE BEFORE TO GO by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  There is one thing I like very much in those, so called, small weddings. Even if photographically the weddings have no size, only some can produce more subjects them others. I am talking about those that ends early, because more familiar, because in cozy venues and… Read more »

The session with the couple at a wedding or the photographer’s plans without plans

WITHOUT UNEXPECTED BUT… by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  Scheduling. Usually a photographic session, in the various professional areas, have, before, a preparation that, once the session begin, the photographer only have to follow the scheduling done before. It is like that in fashion, pub and, even, sport photography.  But, today, wedding photography is very similar with… Read more »

Others spaces to the photographer in a wedding

CORDIALITY by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  Getting advantage of the spaces available in the place of the wedding venue is an option that we can not let go. But, of course, that place it not for our only and complete use. The wedding photographer must respect all those wandering with in their own lives and they,… Read more »

Bride and groom, characters and the photographer in the wedding day

LET´S GO AND IMAGINE by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER  Characters. That is how I like to bring to photograph the couple in the wedding day. Because each one, or just one of them, like to live some role or because the wedding photographer, after the time we spent together, in his imagination, give them a role… Read more »