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The photos from others in the wedding day

THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS and THE GUESTS PHOTOS An impression. I already wrote here that I understand a photo as an impression from something that happened or was. Sometimes those impressions, even if secondaries, may transform that happening in something with great visual interest. With the smartphones phenomenon once in a while I see someone preparing… Read more »

Other things of the wedding

FLOWERS, ARRANGEMENTS AND OTHERS by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Usually it is not a problem to me to write about any photo I have done during my work. They tell I have easy writing but some issues difficult my  finding of the words and the organization of the phrases. Probably because, even if we do not… Read more »

Rings and others

SINCERELY by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER The wedding day need some point of view and everything that involves it is used as an instrument, as a photography accessory. I recognize, decidedly, that some parts are not my strong side in the cover of the day. People are, without any question, the main source of attention of… Read more »

The importance of the ring in the weeding

THE SYMBOL OF AN ALLIANCE AND THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER TESTIMONIAL The ritual always was present in the life of the humanity since our beginning. Those rituals have some symbols that are used when some group join to found some new politic or religious reality, celebrate some change, thanking a good crop or anticipating a wish…. Read more »