Taking care of the bride


Once more, a moment with women. And about things that only they understand, things that only they can care about. The mother’s attention ensures that her daughter will be glamorous and without faults when she appears to her almost wanted a husband in a ceremony a few minutes to happen. The caregiver assure that everything is in place, with no flaws. The helper delicately safe the most symbolic object of the bride until she is no more, the bride´s branch.

It seem easy, but this moment was exactly that. A moment. This word is very often used by wedding photographers and, it seems, they live for them. Unlike video that follows motion, photography removes small slices of the description of the action, giving us back those moments that delight us for various reasons.

The charm, that delights the wedding photographer, is knowing that pressing right there the shutter of his camera was only one. The right one. Just between the moment before and the next one. That was the exact…moment. And nothing can make a wedding photographer happier. I know.

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