Thank you to the guests at the wedding


I do not want to make an academic description of the photos of my own production. I can not help but be satisfied when I find, in the place, the possibilities of framing my main subject, the bride, that aloud I use the way the light illuminates and the lack of it give me the mood. The first one shows better what we are doing and the other one moves the eyes to a serene and appealing desire to look.

That is why I like to use those tunnels through the spectators of the process that, because of their kindness, move to let the wedding photographer work freely, not knowing that was exactly what he needed, the way they were before. I thank the kindness and ask them to stay and let them be used, even if they are not my main interest and I just want their shadows, their unfocused profiles, and the frames that their bodies aloud me. 

That is why the wedding photographer needs to thank all, always sympathetic, family members of the bride and groom that, in place, help him to frame the subjects that led him there and make shine the stars of the day in the first part of this long day. Sincerely.

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