The affection of the parents to the bride and groom


When I am trying to write my today post, some though come to my mind. I was just thinking about what could be the subject of this group of photos and, suddenly, I remembered my son and when he was a baby I took care of him.

With all the weddings, I go to the bride and groom to photograph what the wedding photographers call it the get ready. I am doing that for some years and it is the first time that I realize that this is the last opportunity the parents have to take care of their children. Here, father and mother resume a ritual, interrupted for so long, and in this moments they want to profit for the last time.

Also this gestures have the opportunity to be registered and they will be remembered in the future, by both parts, thanks to the work of the wedding photographer. I am sure that my atitude, in the future, will be a bit different, at least by the notion of the act, and when I register it will be done with more affection, too. So will be.

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