The always prepared wedding photographer


The unexpected. The unexpected is the best condiment to wedding photographer that like to be. How many times the photo is perfectly ready to be, the framing is lit should, the light come from the right angle and, in the last moment, our main subject, from that well prepared photo, change position, move the perfect eyes direction or, for big frustration, simple turn giving us the back and goes away.

That is why, the wedding photographer must be prepared with gear that aloud him to react technically without flows. But his training, how to look and predict, his ability to know when it is the right moment to react to achieve, in photography, that moment and all the others that will be resting in the digital card of his camera, must be always his first achievement.

This thoughts come about this photos from this energetic and very happy bride, but sometimes with unexpected reactions. The wedding photographer was waiting a direct look to the groom and, almost in the moment of the confirmative yes,  she decide to tell it loud to everybody in the ceremony to ensure that there is no doubts about. That is how the wedding photographer understood and reacted so. I believe, well. 

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