The attraction for affection by the photographer, in a baptism in Lisbon


What can give me more emotions, as a baptism photographer, than the satisfaction of a granny with the grandchildren in her lap. I believe that it is more the simples observation of some older person with a child, which is, always, something nice to see. I like to observe, very much, and to photograph those persons because it seems that they then have the satisfaction of the all universe in their lap. That universe belongs to them, they gave rise to them and they know, that way, they will bring the continuity of themselves. That, yes, is very important.

More gentle the grandmothers, as it is usual, or more awkward the grandfathers, this child will jump from lap to lap as if she is receiving some sort of connection, more strong than another, in her future life. The photographer on the baptism day will never lose a bit of those sensation. After in front of his computer, for editing the photos, I revisit those moments as photos and I know that I am reassuring that child a memory impossible to remember another way because the age and I will confirm on her the assurance of the belonging.

That is why I consider my work much more important than the simple use of a photographic camera to win some money and, with that, enjoy life with some pleasure. Knowing that, I can, with my work, contribute to the notion of belonging and, those persons, connected with them, like their ancestors, and still are living inside them with the faces that baptism photographers bring to them and, with that completed empty spaces, it is a responsibility that will always be present in my mind and will make me, gladly, came back to another baptism, every time I am called, full-hearted. Without a doubt.

Baby girl in the lap of the grandmother with grandfather at the side.
Happy grandfather with his baby granddaughter in the lap in the baptism party.
Family seated in a sofa playing the the baby girl, in the center, at the baptism party.
Baby girl playing with an adult, in the back, in her baptism party.
Baby girl seated on the table near her baptism cake.

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