The beat of the photographer, with the rhythm of the dance floor, in a wedding


In the party, everybody feast. The place to dance, in the urban nights, are too much mono generational. When we enter only see springlike under the sound of the woofers beating the beat they love so much to free bodies and minds. 

But, in a wedding, that beat is decided by the wisdom of the DJ, or a band, that know exactly what to offer to relax, also, bodies and minds. The great difference is that the space, offered to dance, become a joy to the wedding photographer seeing everybody, I repeat everybody, beating the same beat following the rhythm according the vigor from some and the imagination from others.

Being wedding photographer is that, to be able to taste all these manifestations under the sound of music that, as we know, free wills and, together, glow all the present eyes with joy. The wedding photographer does not have to do nothing special, just be there and collect as a grape picker in a very good year.

Photos frio the ball in a wedding at Hotel Vila Galé Palácio dos Arcos em Paço de Arcos, Oeiras junto da marginal Cascais para Lisboa.

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