The best friends and the bride


This is a photo that was not possible to do with the groom and friends. Maybe the reaction could be to show some of the “flaws” of the suit and with some jokes about. That is more suitable with the universe of the “guys”. From the part of the bride it is not like that and I find, in that photo, some things that show us how different are those two universes.

First let me tell that this photo was not meant to be. My first idea was to cover the bride coming from the room, where she was dressed, near her friends expecting her, with restlessness, because nobody saw the dress yet and the bride with it like a beautiful blossom flower. It should be obvious that the important was to photograph the bride showing up before such impatient crowd.

However I decide to do the opposite at the last moment. I position myself in a way to have all that scene before me and giving importance to the reaction to what is coming. In a fraction of time I perceive myself that I have in front of me all the feminine universe in terms of age that, at least, will give me a beautiful composition and, as a bonus, a great reaction when the bride appears. And that happens. From those that the bride is a glamorous princess,  from those bride to be, from those bride already done, one or another still waiting for a prince and the future mother in law peeking for approval.

We can see that the wedding photographer decision was the correct one. We can see also, even if I had put the bride in a second plan, that with  all those smiling eyes and wonder faces, in fact, the first issue of that photo is the bride. It is also with photos like this that I am sure that what I do it is what I must do and before fraction of time decisions my instinct guide me to the right decisions giving me sure that I am a wedding photographer with body and soul.  And that must be for the future.

Fotografia de um casamento na Nazaré

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