The bride and groom in their wedding scenery with the photographer always present


One of the challenges of the day, to the wedding photographer, is to find, in the surrounding space, nice spots to the session with the groom and the bride at that special hour where the light is spot on. Even if the venue have a great place to the party inside, does not mean that, around, we can find those small pieces of the world transformed in wonderful scenarios, offering beauty and comfort to great photos.

That is why, while everyone have fun around plates and glasses, the wedding photographer walk through the venue finding those places to be used after, at the agreed time for the session, with the couple. But I must say that is never easy because the planners of the space, sometimes, do not care about wedding photographers and that spots are not easy to find.

I know that the wedding photographers are not magicians, although some may seem so, and they can not do a photo without the elements necessary to it. But, because I know them, they have a great pleasure for what they do and, with imagination, always end up to find those small pieces of the wold, to frame that couple in such happy day. Well..I know…

Lake with view and wedding guests at Quinta das Palmeiras in Sintra.
Groom leaning on a balustrade at Quinta das Palmeiras in Sintra.
Bride and groom, on their wedding day, leaning and sitting at Quinta das Palmeiras.
Couple, on their wedding day, among flowers at Quinta das Palmeiras in Sintra.
Smiling face of the bride with the groom in the background.

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