The Bride and the last detail


As wedding photographer, I have the privilege of, sometimes in the preparation of the bride, to be surrounded with woman with the little things that make them very different from the man. At least, and is that what matter here, in the small details of the preparation to the big moment, the ceremony.

When I arrive to the bride place I always start to do some socialization always necessary to the wedding photographer for integration in the process and, slowly, became invisible for everybody. I do not know why, but I always start with the bride. Hi, dear bride already nervous no sir not even a little I am very very relaxed. That is funny, because if I bet I always win the answer and also my prevision: wait until the moment you face the beautiful dress still carefully suspended in the corner of the room.

And, of course, this moment start and the eyes of the bride, and everybody helping her, start to loose control with the needs, in a so short time, the mouth do not smile no more, nothing seems to be right and ready and mother, sisters, maid of honor, cousins and friends are in such small panic and, that, the wedding photographer like, very much, and try to not lose a bit. Sometimes it is just a little gesture. Most of all, if the wedding photographer lose it is forever lost. And those are the most tasteful.

Noiva pronta pelo fotografado casamento Fernando Colaço

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