The bride and the last details


I already wrote here about the standardization of the wedding day. The structure of all tasks of the day does not change so much from wedding to wedding. This could become the work of the wedding photographer relatively predictable and, with time, bored by the lack of novelty which is the food of any photographer who vibrates with his work.

All wedding photographers, regardless the personal style, can agree with me saying that the wedding day has everything for not to be bored. We never find the same bride’s preparation, hair, and make-up never repeat in the same circumstances, the ceremony does not have the same smiles, eyes in eyes, edgy touch, or the same guests at their special chaos behavior and state of mind.

But, most of the time, it is with small details where we find the images that symbolize the day of the bride, groom, or couple. Here, we can see the relationship with those who love them, improve and care. It is here that we can feel the bonds and how they happen. That is why my attention during the day is a constant detection of those small gests that nourish the day and, once as photography, it will remember that importance.

Texto e foto: Fernando Colaço


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