The bride and the mirror


Peeking it is one thing I love to do as a photographer. It is that casual behavior that everybody have when, not being a part of the action, turn the eyes and catch that small part of the happening, sometimes with that blur that give a completely different vision of the reality, almost dreamlike and, like a photo, stay printed in our mind without wanting to know what really happened.

I think that most of the wedding photographers have this peeking side. That is why lot´s of the new wedding photos, at this days weddings, have that unexpected and without that frontal, and sometimes, dry of the things really there.

For me, everything is worth to peek: the almost closed door, the group of people that opens a corredor with my subject at the end, the small gap in the flower branch and… mirrors. Mirrors have, themselves, the photo already made and give me all the freedom to choose the best piece to the best photo and, when I can do it, catch the right moment and have the cherry in the top of the cake. Here, it happened. Thank you Inês

Texto e foto: Fernando Colaço

Fotografia de um casamento em Castelo de Vide

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