The bride arrive to the church


The arrival of the bride is, always, one of the most expected moments at a wedding day if at the Church or at the Civil Ceremony. That is why all wedding photographers try to find the best position for the best coming photos.

Because it is a very fast and unrepeatable moment I try do not invent something new at the moment, but my experience give me the knowledge  to “guess” the best spot at the space conditions, chuch or venue, where the ceremony take place.

However, sometimes one photo of that moment surprise me. It seems that all the elements present in the frame presented me with the perfect behavior giving me that photo, for my pleasure. It was that one when Ana and is father start to enter in S. Vicente church at Guarda. A bride happy, powerful, a father with is protective hand granting a save way and, waiting for the bride, the best frame: the ring girl full of flowers with granny with last advice and uncle  firm at is position at the corner of the frame as he should be. Left side the boy look at the princess and godmother looking for the free way inside the church.

Well, how much a photo can tell. And that one, I did it.

Texto e foto: Fernando Colaço


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