The bride getting ready


It is usual, now, to photograph the get ready of the bride and groom at the wedding day. I do it with great pleasure because the communion I see with the couple and theirs families before the most formal side of the day and, specially, because I have, always, great moments to photograph.

Finding the bride completely immersed with all that help it was a great deal to the wedding photographer. It was like a flock of doves, and a little pigeon, flying around the bride and each one knowing exactly what to do to bring the bride perfect near to find the almost future husband.

I like very much to see the couple submerged by the people that love them and want to share with them all the moments. It is always a great reason to be there with cameras, with lens in the hands and in the eyes to catch and bring to memory those moments for the future. That is why the wedding photographer was invented.

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