The bride's entrance into the Basilica of Fatima, with all the tourists looking at her.

The bride is coming to the church

The bride's entrance into the Basilica of Fatima, with all the tourists looking at her.

The desire to record what is happening around us was, from the beginning, the great success of photography. The famous moment  “Kodak “, since the first machine sold to the general public, always transported, to the user of the camera, a kind of magic that pushes us to record things and moments in which we are involved.

As a wedding photographer, I live all day with a number of  “colleagues ” who want to capture the moments they think are important. It seems that the camera has the strength to glue, as a reinforced bond, the ties between those who live as emotionally intense a day as it is the wedding day.

It is not the first time that the will to be in the first line of an important moment, the arrival of the bride or the exit of the church, shoots in front of me and is invited to intensely engaged in its function as a photographer. The problem is that this impetus blocks me from doing my job. I was pretty angry at first. In time I learned to predict and avoid these lovers of the magic art of capturing with the light and, often, they are the subject of my lens.

Not forgetting that I am the service wedding photographer, my job is to record the day, and given that it is impossible to escape from these “colleagues ” who, sometimes, behave like those photojournalists we see with politicians competing for the best place, the best thing to do is make them the subject of photography. Sometimes with great visual success.

Mother Church of Fatima, the arrival of the bride. I have to decide how I’m going to photograph the entrance. I look around and check that if I want a photo with some photographic interest I have to retreat and show the bride as the center of attention of everyone who is at the entrance of the basilica. This is the photograph of the bride’s arrival. I think it was a good decision for the wedding photographer.

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