The bride, the groom and the dog


There are some photos which seem to be prepared but they are not. This is one of them. Even if we tried several times to bring the bride and groom friend to a nice place in the photo, that was impossible, because, as a spoiled child, the little boy was not out to do photos, at least for something nice.

Literal, as rebel child, in the moment I was preparing the couple to one more photo,  sneakily our friend appear exactly in the right place, as if it was prepared. I must say that Sónia and Diogo did not noticed their little friend and, at the end, it was a great surprise. Once more, before the photographer could redo a new point of view and repeat, the funny guy was gone to his sniffer life. But it is a nice lesson to the wedding photographer, because he always need to be ready to profit all the situations the appear in the front of his cameras without hesitation.

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