The charm of the portrait


I am ready.  With an open smile and happy, because those half open eyes do not lie, the groom is , in fact, ready to go to the ceremony place. Before, with all the affection, was helped and dressed by mother, aunts, father and the rest of the family. They are not in the photo but the eyes show their presence. Several times I see, in that kind of looking, the importance of the ties between the person and those that are important in the wedding day.

I,  also, recognize my great joy with the portrait. It is, without a doubt, my preferred kind of photography and not just because I can do it. It was the portrait, several years ago, the culprit of my interest by photography. Usually, the first appeal to photography come to those occasionally objects found in the walks around, passive subjects to the learning process of composition, direction of the light. The next step it is the landscape photography to give us the knowledge of space, scape lines and perspective. But with me it was with the portrait that I was gaining the taste for photography.

And, consequently, it was because the portrait that I made myself wedding photographer.  Of course, it was, also, a process through another forms of photography but, I noticed, when photographing people I was possessed with some special vibration. Still today.

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