The child, the others and the photographer in the baptism


Sometimes, when baptism photographer, I find myself giving too much attention to the baby. From time to time, my more attentive side notice that and I redirect my attention to whom, also, deserve to be in the memory of that child when, one day, he will look with more attention to the result of my work.

But the main attention of the baptism photographer makes sense, not because I feel that the others have no importance. A child, and the smaller the more it happens, is very fast-changing expressions, the mood, the body positions, etc. Because I know that I need to have, in the end, that charming from the babies, I must profit from all those moments in photos.

It is true that I never can guess what is next movement of the child, and, because of that, it is safer do not to overlook the attention about her, especially in the most important moments, such as the baptism itself, the main reason because I am there, and all around that child. Until now, the baptism photographer has been right about that.

The moment when a baby girl is baptized.
Baby girl with parent and godparents, after the baptism.
Baby girl points the finger at the priest's hand, in the baptism with godparents.

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