The color of the wedding


Golden lights. It is one more fascination that I can not explain. Well, maybe I could but it was, for sure, tiring explaining the frequency of the color, influence of the psychology of the color and…no, that is not the way. Who was not fascinated, besides the wedding photographer, with the golden that splash over the field, or city roofs, when the day is almost over and the sun decide that it is time to some quiet, begin to close the light to a profound sleep and come back strong, bright and golden yellow again, in the next morning.

Because I am, specially, a black and white photographer I may say that the golden yellow is my black and white of the color, or, better, the range of yellow brown colors. They simbolize light, richness of the spirit, bright in the eyes or a delicate intimacy with curious pupils.

I never loose the opportunity of bringing to the top that light of life in the cerimonies, special in the church. Those lights, that light up love that commits that day, deserve to be brought the best it is possible to mark that event decided some time ago. It is really up to the wedding photographer to do everything to make it memorable. At least I try my best …

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