The couple and the photo


I am, as I said before here, a portrait photographer. I understand that all composition, here as photography, must include the person photographed in a predominant position in the frame. We can choose a face portrait or a group but the photo must direct our attention to the face of the photographed no matter the environment used.

Myself, I have a great attraction to the face, but not too close in the frame. I always search the harmony of the form and the light. I always search the intention. It could be a interacção with the photographer, as you can see here with Sónia and Diogo, connecting something out of the photo or inside himself. But, I found, in the process, that only the perfect harmony between all these elements, place, direction, light and mood can attract our attention gladly. I love that one. A smile to the photographer in a serene face mood and both sharing the same feeling with some naturalist behavior that, always, guide my eyes. Accomplished.

Texto e foto: Fernando Colaço

Pelo fotografo de casamento Fernando Colaço

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