The difference in photography, at any wedding


Because the wedding day is a party celebrating the bond between two persons, we may think that every time the wedding photographer point his lens at someone, we find always dazzling happiness, enchanted smiles, and eyes shining like those silver square papers in the air in a day of celebration and joy. Of course, it is. Of course, it is not.

Those moments with apparent non-happiness claim the attention of the wedding photographer. Some studies say that the photographers have the ability to detect, and fast, more details and differences into a space where things are going on. Of course, it is, their profession depends on that. Because of that, their eyes are fast in the observation and know how to stop exactly in the happening that is, in fact, different. The difference is one the most important words in their head.

That is why, in an event with many smiling faces, stand out those that seem, momentarily, not belonging there.  If there is a moment that vanishes if the wedding photographer does not take advantage, this is the one, just gone in a glimpse because only at the very end of the party, some guests visit the land of the dreams, never the bride or the groom which, quickly, come back to the duty with is guests.

Some photos from a wedding at Café Paris in Sintra, Lisbon.

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