The enigma of the photographer for a child, at a wedding


Allow me to introduce David to you. During all-day David offered to the wedding photographer photos that, I am sure, made them very happy parents. However, to him, I was a great enigma that must have amazed him, questioned himself about what was that guy that, once in a while, pointed to him those huge black things he put in the front of the face, looking like those cartoons that he loves so much to see in television.

This photo was one of the last offers, just near the end of the wedding party, after being a dancing star, with a solo that enchanted everybody and repetition of some more, during the day. With his finger pointed to me with that expression on his face hey, who are you? Come on, you are pursuing me all day, I can not even dance, quietly, without those black things in your face. I do not care about it, but can you, at least, tell me who are you?

Maybe David was left with his doubt without clarification because it would not do much, look, David, I am a wedding photographer that has those black things called photographic cameras and, when I put them in the front of my face I can catch you and your parents in one thing called photos for you to remember, one day, how much you had fun in the wedding of your parents. I believe he just looked at me, pointed me his finger, again. But, I am sure, that one day, some time ahead, he will pass his eyes through those photos and, very deep inside his mind, he links the dots and wow, so it was this that guy, with that black thing in his face, was doing in the wedding of my parents and I, after all, was there. I am so glad that the wedding photographer did this.

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This photo was made in a wedding at Hotel Vila Galé de Paço de Arcos, near Lisbon.

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