The entrance of the bride and groom, by the photographer at the wedding


I already wrote here, sometimes, about how a wedding day is a repetition of several parts, without big difference from one to another. After some of them, the wedding photographer may have no more surprises and he can predict the next moves ahead. We may think that, as with everything with repetition, this job may become some sort of boredom and all that energy spent in the first weddings decrease, until nothing important attract for more.

It could be like that, but it is not. The only thing they have in common is the steps. Everything else is, always, completely different and the wedding photographer is, all the time, finding surprises that do not give him rest, all day. At least, it is like that with me. I am always finding diversity for several reasons. Because I find different people that move differently, the hour of the day can change behaviors, some elements of the group can change completely the all and, importantly, the subjectivity of the wedding photographer help him to see from different points of view, or angles, which change everything.

How many couple entries, in the meal room, have I already photographed? Well, so many weddings I photographed during these years. Have I ever lost my bustle when capturing what is fastness and impossible to predict the way they move, between the tables with their guests? Never. Some of them I can guess the path and the others I need to follow my instinct and, at every step fine-tune the point of view and assure that this way of joy and happiness come with me and deliver, after. Yes, it never repeats itself. 

Bride and groom walking through the door of the meal room of the wedding.

The entry of the wedding couple, Hélia and Paulo at the dinning room of the Quinta da Cheinha in Pinhel, Guarda

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