The fascination of photographing a face by the photographer, in the preparation for the wedding


If it was not the need to write in the blog, because of the search engines, that are the way to meet my future clients, I would let this photo just like it is. Only. Alone, to show my enchantment by faces and for the photography that copies them. Everything I can write here is completely unnecessary.

However, and because I need it, I must say that this photograph is part of a series of experiments that I have been made in those more relaxed moments, that let us freer to some experimentation, during the part of the get ready with makeup and hairdressing of the bride. I call those moments the waiting for the sublime. Every person has those moments when they melt with the lens in some way. That is why I choose just to wait and it has been an unforgettable experience by the wedding photographer.

I must say that I have not been a full-face portraitist. I like to melt the photograph with the surrounding texture which made me, always, back a bit. This time I tried to find the limit I feel is the ideal. The face for itself. First, study the type of the face, second find the best point of view, and third, wait, wait, wait, and…I only can thank my wedding photographer profession to have opportunities like this one. More will come.

Close up of the face of the bride ending the make up process.

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