The father and the sons ready to the ceremony of the wedding


I like very much to photograph couples with kids that for, several reasons, decided to officialize their life together. Having the great bustle with the bride, and a groom preparing to fine-tune the kids for perfect harmony in the important event, some moments ahead, is a nice opportunity for me.

Having some juicy subjects so rich in affection, it is a privilege that I can not miss and I will do everything I know to transform in photos, with pleasure, far way better, than a greedy in a candy store

Kids often are great subjects dropped in the event to the gladness of the photographers. All of us know that, according to the age, children create situations that are a magnet to the cameras and, here, with the protection of the father that tenderly finish the last details, until he and mom will join together in the ceremony, it is not possible for the wedding photographer stays out of these sweet moments. Of course not.

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