The father of the bride is back


This father was, already, subject of a post here. If the first post he was the melted father completed delivered to the happiness of his daughter. Here he is someone that know how to reach the hearts of others and show that the reason why he is there it is, also, the reason of the others. That is why they laugh, cried and internalize his words as if they belong to everybody.

One of the moments that, as wedding photographer, most attract me to steal smiles, tears, delights and expectations it is the speech moment. It is a photographic delicacy and one attraction that I use to the end.

But do not ask me about what was said, why the people laughed, why they cried or why they applauded at the end as if that drooling and proud father was a rock star after wondered all the audience. The wedding photographer, that see the world trough the viewfinder of a photographic camera, suffer from hearing amnesia, not because he do not care, but because his attention is in the eyes.

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