The first dance and the photographer in the wedding


If there is a point, on the wedding day, that explodes my adrenaline to the maximum it is the first dance of the couple. Even if I try to understand what is going on, after some fast meeting with the bride and the groom, what was the planned choreography, the expected approach to the subject may turn very complicated, very fast. Because the explanation is no more because someone seems to believe that with no light is better, because the bride decides, in the name of love, to hide his face in that place between the neck and the shoulders and the wedding photographer just have hair to photograph or…that is enough come on everybody. Well…I think it is enough.

But, because I am not a photographer to give up easily, I become myself as a playful dog, on a bad weather day, bringing the stick not easy to find, to the owner. I never give up until it is really done. And with success.

Here, I have the perfect notion of what it is at the moment, as I already posted about. To the perfect photo, every element must be, also, perfect. The place, the harmony of the illuminated bodies by lights and music, looking for the exact place and the mood necessary for dance photography to be…dance. Achieving that is always a joy for the wedding photographer…and for the dancers.

Uma fotografia, a preto e branco num casamento, do noivo e a noiva a dançar.
A black and white photography in a wedding from the bride and the groom dancing

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