Embraced and looking to the side, the bride and groom with the Estoril sea in the background in the late afternoon, by the wedding photographer in Cascais.

The friendly light of the wedding photographer in Estoril, in a pre-wedding session


Embraced and looking to the side, the bride and groom with the Estoril sea in the background in the late afternoon, by the wedding photographer in Cascais.

About the things that seem like they’re not going to happen and, after all, they left a good memory in the wedding photographer’s photos or when we arranged something that the universe, in its infinite variants, seems not interested in making things easier for us. So it appeared that afternoon when I had arranged with Isabel and Rui, on a late afternoon to enjoy the lights that hit the garden of Estoril Casino and the beach of the same name. I like that part of the day very much because the sun, companion of many hours of work and adventures, whispered to me, one day, that towards the end of the afternoon, I will give you from me what you like for yourself to compensate you because those times you are often harping against me that I am too strong, because I am on the wrong side, because I am too on top and who knows what else. But as this is part of my job, and I can’t do anything against the boss, I decided to humor you and if you come here when I’m getting ready for a good long night’s sleep, which I really need, enjoy it because I don’t mind.

The problem is that he, my friend, doesn’t know how to wait for anyone and the traffic, that one, didn’t make it easy for the groom, who had no way to get here in time. When his, my friend’s, little rays of light were already fading over Cascais and it was perfect for the last batch of photos of the afternoon, finally Rui appeared, there was nothing I could do, he, the traffic, will it still be enough for something, take a look, Mr. Photographer, sometimes they call me that, at least I’m already here. It is at this point that the wedding photographer knows that it will not be he, the bride and groom who will resolve the matter. Okay, now we’re going to have to be a team. We have to be fast, and concise and time is something we don’t have. Fortunately, some Japanese engineers have worked wonders and I can now photograph in very low light. Let’s do it.

And so it was. Short directions, as one has to do in portrait sessions. But, truth be told, it is precisely this time and the light that my friend left behind, because he was already nestled in the sheets a long time ago, that the wedding photographer licks himself like those children who were given an ice cream cone, preferably chocolate, and does everything to not lose a pinch because, also, he knows that everything that is pleasant is short-lived. The team on the other side of the lens was perfect in time, pose, and arrangement, as you can see in the pictures below, the lens and camera gave flawless instructions to the wedding photographer, and the afternoon and evening delivered the session that I had dreamed it would be. Blessed traffic, the one.

With the green of the limes on the rocks of Estoril beach behind, the bride smiles in a portrait by the wedding photographer in Cascais.

Sitting on a rock of Estoril beach, with the sea in the background, the bride laughs with satisfaction as she is photographed by the wedding photographer in Cascais.

Portrait of the bride laughing with satisfaction, with the blurred rocks of Estoril beach, by the wedding photographer in Cascais.

By an umbrella at Estoril beach, the bride and groom embracing in conversation with each other, seen by the wedding photographer in Cascais.

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