The generations in a wedding, by the photographer


If you ask me, as wedding photographer, what the most important thing I can find in the wedding day, suddenly, of course the bride and the groom. It is because of them that all the others will walk to where they are getting ready, to the ceremony place and where the party will be party. They, also, chose the wedding photographer to fulfill another mission. Of course, they are the most beautiful persons there and everything is happening around and because of them.

However, the wedding photographer have a process to help him in the work, learned to be detailed and find correctly the scenes to photograph. He divide in quadrantes the all scene and, with the help of his photographic cameras and lens, pick up this pictures before they are. With this, sometimes, he find attraction in other happenings other than those with the wedding couple.

That is why, I am sorry bride and groom, maybe, if you ask to my cameras and lens, which are very responsible, and they answer you that they can not stop when they detect this happenings with communication, affection, rapture between the olds and news present in place, I can not say no. The attention of the granny, or she could be, to one of the new ones there, is a call that each of my lens would not forgive the wedding photographer if I let them loose such thing. For sure.

Maybe, a grandma helping a little boy at the table, in the bride parent's house during the get ready.

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