The get ready ritual of the bride


One of the things I like very much to cover, in the wedding day, it is the ritual of the bride preparation. I say ritual because it seem exactly that. It have a certain way to be done and it is surrounded, and use, by objects that only belong to this women moments. With the groom it is completely different and easy. The men does not care about certain details that, with women, are taken to the state of art.

The hair is treated with all care and detail transforming the woman in bride  in the space of a hour and a alf that, if someone told me that we where just in moment to go to a plateau scene for a movie or from seconds to walk in the passarela of a fashion show I would believe that. The make up offer some transformation that, usually, finished with a carefully drawing with lipstick in lips very close to a yes to someone that will never forget .

Photograph those moments, in some way ritualized, it is my work. I do it with tireless joy. Even if I only need some photos to cover that process, I always find another point of view, some peeking through pencils and sprays, one more photo of the face under fast hands with dryers or fast because the bride flowers just arrived and…it is beautiful. Well, it is like that the hard life of the wedding photographer…hummm!…

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