The glimpse of a wedding photo


One of things I like the most, as a wedding photographer, it is photographing the unexpected. It does not need to be something out of the way or super espectacular. Most of the times it is just a glimpse, some kind of watching pry that put me with my camera in my almost shaking hands, because they know that between the finding, seeing and reacting the photo maybe is no more, catch the photo exactly before the not anymore moment.

It was like that in this photo. Mother and daughter in the last retouch moments, before the go to the ceremony. The wedding photographer was just in a way to pick up the cameras and lens into the bag and, at the end of the hallway, in the front of a hidden mirror, I found that scene in profound silence, broken only by a click and…done, we are ready. Let ´s go. And the wedding photographer went with them.

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