The groom and the mirrors


Most of the posts about the get ready concern the brides. It seems that the grooms just show up, coming from nowhere, straight to the ceremony and, from there, to the party where they are important characters and drivers. Nothing like that, but it is true that around them we do not have the same rush that we find with the brides.

However this wedding photographer has some sort of obsession with mirrors and once he finds one just profit until nothing more, photos, is possible. That is true that a mirror can improve, a lot, a point of view in the action of preparing the couple. Sometimes I find in the mirror some sort of plasticity that stretches the possibilities of the photographic process at the moment.

If I push it…well, yes I do. A lot. But I think it is for a good cause, every time that the mirror aloud me something that always was part of the photo, and the pictures in general: the frame. And that happens a lot with me, framing the photo even before it happens. How I love to do that. Really. Coming into a room where the bride and the groom will go to prepare, or where the bride will do the hair and make-up, and find one or two mirrors, I admit, my eyes start to shine, my heartbeat better and even my lens start to laugh. The stuff of the wedding photographer.

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