The groom is ready


In the passed I already wrote that is not my intention, when photographing a wedding, find all the time the most spectacular moments to images. Of course if they happen, I will catch them. Usually they fit well in the wedding photographers blogs and seems to be popular. However, for some reason, I like those simple photos, without great highlight possibilities, which show us, without doubt, who is who and the reason why they are in the wedding day.

The groom is ready.  For sure, that is the tittle of this photo. But with a better look, what is important in this photo it is the joyful faces sharing with the groom this moments, wishing him well for all his life. All of them took part of his preparation and his life until there. Of course they will be there for the future and, because of that, they are happy. And the wedding photographer noticed that.

The Algarve wedding photographer para um casamento que irá ter lugar no Club Nau na Praia Grande em Ferragudo no Algarve.

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