The groom team and the wedding day


The wedding day is, specially, celebration, gathering and party. Before that, we have lots of work until the first great step of the day, the ceremony. It is the preparation. I like it more when I have plenty of people surrounding the bride and groom. Usually the bride have more attention then the groom, but when he is with the guys the thing will become very active.

I chose this photo as a symbol of the obligations to help the groom but, as opposite with the bride where everybody knows what to do, the guys do not know so much about the business. It is a complicate matter, very difficult to achieve with some mysteries and cabalistic codes that only initiated ones can do the job. Late, it was solved fast, but…

Work team should be the name of this photo. However it need another one, which we let to be a mystery, to clarify the solution of the complex problem: how to close the switch of the suspenders. After some research, change of opinions, lot of experimentation the guys agree, with acclamation, to call someone initiated with all these mysteries to solve the problem which, at least, could block the groom and his companions to arrive in time to the next step of the wedding day: the ceremony. I clarify that the detainer of these abilities arrived, in time and fast, and saved the buddies from that great problem. Yes, she did. 

Fotografia de casamento na Nazaré por Fernando Colaço

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