The hands of the photographer and the others in the baptism


Hands. They have been honored in poems, songs, and, so many, in photos. All hands are different from shape to the character. There are hands to hold, hands to caress, hands to take and hands to bring, hands to give and others to receive. Sometimes, I see myself observing hands for all those reasons and because I have a photographic camera in my hands if I were not a baptism photographer.

Miguel is, I am sure, in very good hands. Miguel still needs hands that support them, to follow him with his own rampant sense of curiosity that can lead him to dangerous situations, if not the hands in charge to catch, hold and guide him. The baptism photographer saw Miguel wanting to leave his grandfather’s hands to the hands of his father but he still did not know how to make the way without hands. But, he knew they were going with him until he found other hands, that took care of him from there.

Miguel will never remember that way, to him huge and difficult. But Miguel will be able to see that in photos, which the baptism photographer did from him to him, in a faraway day, to know that he passed from hands to hands that never stopped to guide him and receive him every day. It was, also, the hands of the baptism photographer holding the camera that kept Miguel, his hands, and all other’s hands that were with him. My hands still were very pleased to have achieved that. So do I.

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