The harmony of the pieces, in a wedding, for the joy of the photographer


After let the groom ready to the ceremony, in a while, my passage with the bride start and, also there, the wedding photographer find some moments that fill the viewfinder of his cameras without having to work hard for it.

I am thrilled by the way I see people interacting each other, look inside the viewfinder and find a harmony that, with eyes open wide looking around seems a bit chaotic. That is the great joy when photographing. The wedding photographers divide everything in pieces, with the power that the viewfinder of the camera offer to them and everything in that pieces is a world of harmony, balance, that, in the end, is a photo.

To me it is exactly that. Divide to balance. I never get tired founding photos between everything it seem a chaos, a big confusion. I just need to look in pieces, dividing by parts, loose the notion of the all around and get used, at least while holding a camera, to observe as if the images we want come through that rectangle of the viewfinder. It is only a question of training that the wedding photographers get involved during all the process. At least to me, it works.

Bride, in a mirror, tightening the dress, by mother and sister and father in the back.
Mother and sister of the bride adjusting the dress with her, smiling.
Bride, mother and father in a mirror, with a sculpture lamp on the right.
The bride helped by the mother in the dress, with her father, seated, in the background.
Mother, sister and bride with a mirror, with them, in the wall.
Father of the bride, seated in a chair, and bride standing.

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