The heat, the photographer and the wedding


It was one of these days that the Summer, in Portugal, usually offers us. It was the hottest day of the year and, for Northern European people that come here because of it, but not used to his toughness, the shadow was the best remedy and frustration, at the same time. The wedding photographer, born and raised here, where he, the sun, likes to be inclement, have his own cells used to that states of the soul, on the day chosen by him, that just makes us want a cool shade and, languidly, let the time pass away.

It was like if the wedding photographer used, I repeat, to the today I want it of the sun, was transforming in photos the way how the guests, and my wedding couple, were entertained surrounded with fresh liquids and small talk. The children, of course, can support for the better those temperatures with the energy that do not let me stay quiet all the time and, here and there, offer me those gifts beloved by my lens. I say thank you and take advantage.

Adults, of course, are more relaxed, because the heat does not let them move around, use the seats to spend the hours until the fresh air shows up and the life starts over, as it was scheduled. It was the wedding with more gathering time between the ceremony and the meal, only possible after the sun in bed, because the place with the tables was more like a giant pan ready to cook than to be used with the result of the cooking. I can not say that troubled the wedding photographer because, as always, he found the subjects that never let his cameras and lens quiet, because they do not care about temperatures. Always working.

Girl photographing a friend at a wedding.
Little boy sitting next to another child, at a wedding party.
Two little boys sitting with their parents, on a wedding afternoon.
Two brothers on their father's lap, during a wedding party.
Little boy on his father's lap, while reading a magazine at the wedding reception.
Bride, standing, talks to a guest who is seated, in the conviviality of the wedding party.
Girl sitting while playing during a wedding reception.
The groom, with a glass of wine in his hand, speaks to his mother at the wedding feast.

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