Bride's face with hand spreading make-up powder before leaving for the ceremony, captured by the wedding photographer in Évora.

This is the house of the wedding photographer. Wellcome. The house is very simple because it was built to let only the photographs be seen. Here, you can find some examples of his photographic work in weddings, from couples that were kind enough to choose him. 

I hope that your visit, besides welcoming you, gives you the necessary empathy to contact me and, in return, I will give you more information or answer the questions you may have and, who knows, maybe be your wedding photographer.

Fernando Colaço, Wedding photographer

The bride and groom celebrate euphorically outside the church, amidst a shower of flower petals and rice, in a moment from the wedding photographer in Leiria.

Amid family members throwing flower petals at them, the bride and groom hug each other in joy at the end of the wedding ceremony, in a moment captured by the wedding photographer in Lisbon.

This is the place of the wedding photographer in Portugal. Here you can find information, answers to questions, advice, examples of my work, or some colleagues who can help for the big day.

Enter through the available doors, visit the house and if you need more information, you can contact me and I will respond together with an invitation for a visit, at home or virtual, where we will get to know each other, show you the albums that will tell the story of your day wedding in photographs.

Know, too, that you can find The Wedding Photographer in Portugal in the districts of Lisbon, Leiria, Santarém, Portalegre, Estremoz, Évora, Beja, and Algarve.

I am, now, at your disposal

Fernando Colaço