The importance of photographing baptisms


Photos are much more than mere captures of a subject. They must contain in themselves the things that are part of life. Specially if they contain people, and people in context, as in a baptism. I like to tell that story.

I must, as the baptism photographer, leave in photography a tale that, one day, will be told to a child that, now, go in the way to the baptismal font, not in words, as usually the tales are told, but in photos that, too, they like to remain over time and be told one day.

That is why my commitment is to guarantee that. I never photograph a baptism just to bring a alf dozen photos from the main moments or, some, staged in conformity. My work concern in built that tale with real stories from people that, in the event, intertwine, communicate and trade affections. Of course everything around the main star of the day, that child in the way to the baptism ritual. Myself, I always see that child, when child no more, one day in the right time, looking to my photos, done with so much pleasure, with the happiness only possible when seeing very important things. A part of her life. That, make this wedding photographer a very happy person.

Girl looking outside the photo with two adults seated on a couch.
Family gathering before to go the baptism.
Baby with the parents and sister ready to go to the baptism.
Baby lying in bed, with father playing with him before baptism.
Close up of a baby, with a pacifier when dressing for baptism.
Baby face in the lap, looking backwards leaving to the baptism.

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