The importance of the ring in the weeding


The ritual has always been present in the life of humanity since its beginning. Those rituals have some symbols that are used when some group joins to find some new political or religious reality, celebrate some change, thank a good crop, or anticipate a wish. We have wide and personal rituals. The symbolism still has a great weight in our lives and much more than we can imagine if we do not give it a more deep thought.

The ring is, maybe, one of the symbolic objects more important and widespread in our common life. The ring of the pope, the ring of the king, the ring of the baby offered by the nan, the engagement ring, and…the wedding ring. Even literature, movies, or ópera have a lot of stories about rings. In Portugal, we call them “alianças” (alliances). That is an interesting word because, in fact, in the wedding, the ring symbolizes the new alliance between two persons and widens both families that, after the swop of this circular object, start to belong to a new and widen family group.

All the wedding day is directed, in the first part, to the moment where two persons, symbolical, deliver each other the ring that will join them and start a new alliance that all wish fruitful and happiness. A posteriori we have the party to celebrate the joy and happiness that this act brought to everybody. As when wedding photographer I am a witness and create testimonials in all the places of this kind of reunion and the importance of the rings, or, better, the alliances.

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