Seen between two friends out of focus, the bride's face smiling as her wedding earrings are finished.

The invisible photographer on a wedding morning


Seen between two friends out of focus, the bride's face smiling as her wedding earrings are finished.

   I never thought that I would be feeling so well in the middle of women, in the preparation of a bride for the wedding day. Also, I never thought that they do not care about the wedding photographer and let me do my job without constraints. We know that, traditionally, in the matter of men, the women do not enter, and in the matter of women a man could go in, but he would understand nothing. It was how the wedding photographer felt in the beginning. Enter a world where I have never been and, on one side, fascinate with it, and on the other side, do not feel uncomfortable. So, I must say that the world of them never care about me and always treated me the best way, ignoring me. It was what I wanted because I would not be a man in the middle of women but, yes, the wedding photographer picking up their work to, as invisible as possible, take them and show, to anyone who wants to know, what they were doing to a bride to be, in a while.

     I repeat, I always have been very well cared for, and not even once did I feel that I do not belong there, maybe, the first reason is the invisibility that I pretend and convince myself that it is true. I do the same thing my son did when he was a child and hid behind the thin pole of the traffic sign, tilting his head to cover his eyes and thinking that have to find invisibility and disappeared from the eyes of the parents, coming back with great noise do not be afraid, I am here. I do the same. Since I bring one f my cameras to my face, I am completely convinced that I become invisible and all those women will never see me again, while they do the things of women weaving a bride who will say, like the most beautiful princess that ever lived, a resolute yes to the groom that, in despair, will wait for her and subject of other photographs, somewhere near to the altar of the church.

     I must say, also, that those women are very generous as usually they always are. They do with me what I did with my son, leaving him completely convinced that, while his eyes were behind the tube, he had faded to the degree of invisibility to ours. They do that for me. I know that because, when all that fuss lasts, none of them, until today, addressed the wedding photographer or indicated that he was in the way. Because I have some knowledge where I learned the basics of science, I only can conclude that the wedding photographer in the middle of the woman, that have the gift to transform another one into a bride and only can see them through the viewfinder of his camera, he is, completely, out of their ability to see him. So, as we can see at the end of a scientific experience conclusion, the wedding photographer is completely invisible to them and can do his work without any problems. It cannot be otherwise.

The bride's bouquet inside a pink striped box, as seen by the wedding photographer.

Among the mother and friends, the bride distributes small bouquets for them to use in their wedding dresses.

The bride holds the dress for two friends to adjust, seen through the bedroom door by the wedding photographer in Alentejo.

The bride, hands on her hips, while two friends fasten her dress from behind.

The mother of the bride smiling with her eyes closed, in front of her daughter as she prepares for the wedding.

The mother of the bride and two friends in the last adjustments to the dress, behind her, seen by the wedding photographer in Évora, Portugal.

The bride giggling with satisfaction as two friends put on her earrings, seen by the wedding photographer in Portugal.

Already ready and with the wedding bouquet in hand, the bride, in the midst of her mother and girl friends, embraces a boy, captured by the wedding photographer.

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