The joy of transformation in photography


Being wedding photographer and a man I am always fascinated with the bride get ready, usually surrounded by women in …women moments. This thing about pulled, twisted, heated, sculpted hair and all type of sacrifice with so great joy, I can find that it is something that make me feel that I am in a different world. But…I am photographing which it is, also, a joy.

And there is the conversation and what it is said. The joy of the women in group doing women things it very different from the opposite group, guys. It is, also, faraway different and with more stuff to photograph than in the groom side. Well, most of the time. The hair it is already done from yesterday, no make ups and…well…completely different.

When wedding photographer, with the option of photojournalism, I try, always, do not interfere with the conversation, which I do not know how, and stay the most invisible possible. Because of that, I catch those free photos, joyful, with happy soul and no constraint. That is another pleasure of being wedding photographer. Really…

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