The landscapes of the photographer when he is in a wedding


Subject, wedding photographers or a constant search. In this walking around searching photos that are spread for those who like to pick them up, as a careful gardener choosing his flowers, I still be amazed how I find them and my basket, in the form of a camera, is never empty. I understand all other photographers searching for theirs subjects in other places but, for me, in no other place I feel myself photographer as in a wedding.

I never get tired to write here that people are my most important subject. Also, that I have some shyness when stealing someone face that do not noticed the thief and that mountains and plains are only subject to my eyes and brain, that keep them without the need of photos coming from my lens and cameras. So, where, as a passionate photographer, I could find my subjects with light to cross my lens to transform them in photos if not in weddings where my landscapes are.

That is true. It is not that talk to convince someone to let me go and photograph their wedding. Well, it is also because this is a wedding photographer blog, but, as my photos, coming from my cameras, I need to be sincere. It is in the weddings where I find those photos that push me to photograph, it is there where I can find those persons that, by kindness, ignore me, pretend to let me steal them and, after, return to them in the form of photos. They use to like it, when they find them in the front of their eyes and, when he knows that, the wedding photographer is happy. Believe me, it is true.

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