The last action of the wedding day, cutting the cake


Where it is? I not found it yet. I need to photograph it before the cut. It is stashed away because the figures. I do not know where it is. Oh man, I forgot the cake, I need to see where it is.

Those are some adventures regarding the wedding cake. The last offer from the bride and groom to their beloved guests  before leaving to the Honey Moon. At least it was like that in the old tradition. Anyway, the cut of the cake it is, usually, one of the last parts of the long day that involve all the guests that during the day where part of the various activities and close symbolically the great party.

So, the wedding photographer must dedicate some of his time and knowledge to the wedding cake. During the day all the guests delivered theirs attention to the bride and groom and now, through the cake, they give themselves to each of their guests, being thankful by the presence and the affection.

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